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Co-op is a contextual social sculpture founded in the city of Houston, Texas in collaboration with, and as a reaction to, a proposed interaciton between Laster, TFAA (Texan French Alliance for the Arts) and the French Consulate Services in the city. Houston is a dynamic multicultural city with a very strong sense of "community". This term "community" brings out very different reactions in France and in the United States.


In the U.S. it evokes a positive image of bringing like people together, in France it evokes a sense of seperation. The Co-op, looks at how these two very opposed viewpoints could provoke intercultural networks. These new networks help augment visibilty and create exchange between existing institutions, associations, and artists who are socially oriented in Houston.


This network will take on both virtual and physical forms. It creats this dynamic through a transdisciplinary approach which includes, urban walks, concerts, exhibitions and other forms which promote co-operation between local and global communities. These actions are a direct results of ideas evoked during the cognitive process which includes round tables, debates, inteviews and conferances.


The Co-op project is a direct results of three think-tank roundtables organized in Houston between January and November, 2013. The first two were organized around the subject "Balck is Beautifuk" one at the Universtiy if Houston Downtown and the second at the French Cosulate General in Houston. The third roundtable was organized in November, 2013 under the title "Art, Identity and Urban Revitalisation" in coilaboration with and hosted by the Rothko Chapel. 

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